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Whether you have an 2-door, 4-door, Unlimited X, Unlimited Sport, Sahara or Rubicon, the GR8 Mount is compatible with your Jeep model. Unlike other traditional "makeshift" methods of securing a flag to your Jeep, we have a solution that works in conjunction with the rear tailgate. It also enables you to utilize your mount regardless of hard top, soft top, safari top or straight topless. The GR8 Mount is minimal in size and allows you to access your spare tire without removing any hardware.

the first of its kind with endless APPLICATIONS!



flag pole HOLDER


“one-stop shop” functional solution

Tired of trying to figure out the best way to zip tie, bungee cord or rope your flag pole to your Jeep's roll cage or spare tire? Look no further! Our patented system is designed for ease of use and installs in under an hour. Items can be inserted and removed with a few turns of the hand knob. More importantly, its functional purpose allows the tailgate to open and close with an item installed as well as gives you access to your spare tire at all times."


flags & Poles

  • Offset installation does not hinder rear view mirror sight line

  • Fits standard off-the-shelf flag poles

  • Great for jeep meet-ups, parades, off-roading or tailgates

  • Works great with a wooden dowel rod as a flag pole



multipurpose utility MOUNT


the possibilities are endless

We provide the solution, you choose the application. We take pride in creating a product that sparks imagination, creativity, as well as providing a platform for others to share how they use their mount. From flying flags, to sitting in shade under a beach umbrella, connect with us on social media to show us how you used your GR8 MOUNT.


the GR8 Mount can be used with:

  • Flag poles

  • Beach umbrellas

  • Surf-fishing rods

  • Much more!



Powder Coat.jpg

powder coated

Our matte black powder coating is more resistant to impact, moisture, chemicals, ultraviolet light, and other extreme weather conditions. In turn, this reduces the risk of scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion, fading, and other wear issues.

It's tough, looks great and is long lasting. In addition to being durable, powder coating is an attractive choice when subjected to harsh weather conditions.

Top Access Hole CU.jpg

easy Tool access holes

1" top and bottom access holes give the user clearance needed to easily insert the mounting bolts during installation. The access holes also allow the bolts to be recessed into the support pegs, giving the mount clearance for objects to be inserted into it.

Easy, fast and accessible. If you want to remove the mount, one tool is all you need with our patented bolt access holes.

Hand Knob.jpg

hand knob tightening

The GR8 MOUNT comes with a thermoplastic hand knob that is made from fiber reinforced technoploymer PA6 and stainless steel stud insert. Smooth comfortable gripping surface is burr free and allows the user to clamp contents inside the mount with ease.

Our hand knob mechanism allows the user to tighten a multitude of objects with various diameters.


Best flag flying solution

Unlike other competitors and products available in the market, the GR8 Mount is the best and most user friendly option. With the mount offset to the passenger side you have:

  • No more zip ties, rope or bungee cords

  • Clear sight line through rear-view mirror

  • Passenger side mirror and blind spot are not blocked

  • Access to your spare tire at all time


The GR8 Mount slim and innovative design allows you to operate the tailgate door with full dexterity. Unlike other flag mounts such as bumper hitch mounts, opening and closing of the tailgate is prohibited by the flag pole, requiring you to remove the flag pole every time you want to open the tailgate. 

  • The GR8 Mount is a "set it and forget it" solution

  • No need to remove items in order to open or close the tailgate

  • Access to the spare tire is never prohibited

  • Stock look with powder coating matched to the plastic hinge covers

  • Do NOT have to un-install every time you want to open the tailgate